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When I moved to Las Vegas, I applied for a job at Bloomingdale’s inside the Fashion Show Mall, but no luck… So, after many failed attempts to find a steady job, I started working at a restaurant for my mom’s friend. Shortly after, he needed a website for his restaurant, and because I fell in love with computers at an early age, I decided to help! That’s how I found my passion! Things worked out great for a while, however, the restaurant business didn’t do too well in the end, but I still wanted to improve my web design skills. In 2003, I studied really hard and started practicing designing websites with WordPress, and after about 10 years, I mastered the program! Thank God for that! I helped lots of businesses establish their online presence! To view my web design portfolio visit www.premierdesigns702.com

But something was missing… I still wanted to be involved in the fashion industry somehow. 20 years later, I decided to combine my web design & fashion skills and create an online thrift store website, and here we are today! Please enjoy my passion-driven website & the apparel thrifted by me personally for you!

Why the name VegasVultur?

A vulture is a bird of prey that scavenges on carrion.  That is exactly what I was thinking when I saw those guys digging for vintage clothes so early in the morning! There are savages and vultures out there!

Thank you for taking the time out of your precious life to read my story.

New products added weekly! Check back soon & shop for your favorite old-school brand apparel @ www.vegasvultur.com

My Vision…

Where it started

Hello, my name is Mihai! I really, really love fashion! Also, I have a passion for web design and love to help people! So I decided to combine my two passions and create this awesome online thrift store!

It all started when I was 10 years old, as I was blessed with an opportunity to come to the United States. I lived in New York with my mom for over a decade! While growing up in Queens, I was going to school and working at the same time @Bloomingdale’s NYC, and I had the pleasure to meet lots of stylish and high fashion people in the beauty industry! Bloomingdale’s is one of the nicest and most visited fashion malls in New York City. During that time I was still searching for my passion and I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going with my life. So, throughout the years I developed a good eye for fashion & design. Little did I know, big things were waiting for me in the future…

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