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Can I go thrifting during covid?

We are all wondering… can we thrift shop during these hard times? The answer is, YES! All you have to do is be prepared with a few items in order to have a great experience & stay safe. Here is a list of the 3 most important things you MUST have before you go thrift shopping

You want to keep bacteria off your hands, so please use a pair of gloves… plastic is fine!

You should be wearing a mask at all times while you’re inside a thrift shop

Hand Sanitizer
Once you’re done shopping, you should throw away the gloves, wash & sanitize your hands before you step into your house.

Other things to consider:

KEEP YOUR DISTANCE from others & don’t forget to have fun!

Don’t feel like getting out of the house? No problem, you can go thrift shopping online! Check out our brand new online thrift store:

Vegas Vultur


Looking for a certain item? We will thrift it for you

Thrifting can be a challenge, despite how effortless Macklemore made it sound. To make things easier, I’ve created this online thrift store to help you find beautiful pre-loved clothes faster and from the comfort of your home.  This website will help you find the pre-owned and pre-loved gems you need! Have a request for a certain piece? Contact Us and we will try to thrift the item you’re looking for!

Do thrift stores wash the clothes first?

Most thrift stores don’t wash the clothes before selling them. … Clothes in the thrift store usually look clean, but they may have touched things you would never imagine. But of course, some stores are cleaner than others. In any case, the best practice is to always wash your thrift finds before wearing them. However, at VegasVultur, not only that we wash the clothes, but we also steam them and make sure they are free of any bacteria. Check out our IG for the latest thrifted gear! @VegasVultur

Why is thrifting so popular in 2021?

The main reason why thrifting has become so popular with younger generations now is that people have found their own sense of style. Finding clothing that makes a person feel good about themselves and have a way to express themselves in their own way. Originally popular among the hippies of the late 1960s, this fashion movement resurfaced during the mid-1980s among teenagers and expanded into the 1990s with the growing popularity of such music and style influences including the grunge band Nirvana.


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